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Mickelson Almost Makes History, Von Miller’s New Offer, Fitzpatrick Not Signed


Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson almost made history on Thursday at the British Open. No player has ever shot a 62 in a major tournament and Mickelson (and everyone else watching) believed he had it wrapped up, but the ball spun around in the cup and popped out (in golf lingo it’s called a lip-out). After the round, Mickelson said he wanted to cry.


It appears Super Bowl MVP Von Miller  is close to signing his much discussed contract with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos’ offer to Von Miller is the biggest contract ever for a non-quarterback player. Von Miller, however, is the core of the Broncos defense and arguably without him, the Broncos would not have won the Super Bowl this season.  The latest offer is 6 years $114.5 million with $70 million guaranteed.

The New York Jets still haven’t signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The offer on the table is $24 million over 3 years but the issue is how much will be guaranteed. Jets coach, Todd Bowles implied the Team isn’t waiting on Fitzpatrick to accept the offer saying “If he comes back, we’ll be happy to have him back, but meanwhile we’ve got to get other guys ready to play”.  With that said, it certainly seems as if it would help his teammates to know who will be throwing the ball in September.


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