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Linsanity In Brooklyn, Ezekiel Jersey Top Seller, Manziel Hits Wedding Guest, Kershaw’s Back


The Brooklyn Nets hope Jeremy Lin releases his “Linsanity” on the Team next year for a 3 year $36 million contract. Lin admitted his 11 game run (averaging 24 points and 9 assists) while the New York Knicks were considering releasing him was exciting. He now says he doesn’t want to be thought of as a phenomenon. He just wants to contribute to the Nets and help them rebuild.


Ezekiel ElliottFormer Ohio State running back and 4th pick in the draft, Ezekiel Elliott, won’t play in an NFL game until September but his jersey his selling off the shelves. Elliott’s #21 Dallas Cowboys jersey is the best selling item in the league.

Former Cleveland Brown QB Johnny Manziel can’t seem to stay out of the news. First there was his odd instagram post announcing he was getting help and would be back soon, then over the weekend in Hawaii, he punched a guest in the face at his friend’s wedding. If he does “come back”, at this rate it looks as if it won’t be on a football field.


Dave Roberts, the Los Angeles Dodger’s manager, created a panic this week by announcing his star pitcher and many would argue the best pitcher in the League, Clayton Kershaw, was perhaps having a setback in his recovery from a herniated disk. Roberts indicated “surgery is more of a possibility” but didn’t say whether that would be this year or next or down the road at some point. Roberts’ comment has created a huge buzz around the League speculating on whether Kershaw will be out for the season.

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