Love & Lebron Evolving, Redskins’ New QB, Bears Sign McDonald, Deep Fried Nachos On Stick


Kevin LoveIn the NBA, there is a bit of controversy within the Cleveland Cavaliers’ organization.   In the off-season, the Cavs traded their #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love in order to try and win championships right now.  Since that trade, his relationship with the Cavs’ Lebron James has been “evolving”. LeBron and Love are not enemies, but they’re not exactly best friends either — as Kevin Love hinted in an interview on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike”.  Love also said that he thought Russell Westbrook was having a better season than LeBron.  Not exactly the best thing to say about your teammate.  Then again, Love was former teammates with Westbrook at UCLA.


And in the NFL, the historic Washington Redskins are a mess right now.  They are a super popular organization that simply can’t field a good team.  Now their GM is saying that they might pick a quarterback with their #5 overall draft pick.  This certainly sends a mixed message to Robert Griffin III. Earlier this off season, head coach Jay Gruden said that Griffin would be the team’s starting quarterback.  This may not end well.

In a controversial move, the Chicago Bears signed defensive end Ray McDonald. McDonald was released by the SF 49ers in December while he was under investigation for sexual assault. He has not been officially charged in that case and he is suing the woman that accused him.  He was also implicated in a domestic abuse case last August involving his fiancee. He did not face charges in that case either. Many are questioning the Bears’ organization for bringing in McDonald while others are saying that since he hasn’t been found guilty of either charge, he has been unfairly targeted.


mlb_cornts_600x600The Milwaukee Brewers seem to think there is no limit for what could be considered unhealthy in their ball park  And now, it looks like they are offering deep fried nachos on a stick.  This is their quest to become the most talked about food stadium in the league.

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