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DeMarco Murray Moves to Eagles, Richardson Released, Cavs Win Big


In the NFL, superstars just keep swapping teams.  We haven’t seen this much star movement in quite awhile. Last year’s NFL rushing yards leader, the Cowboys DeMarco Murray, decided to switch teams.  The Cowboys didn’t want to pay up big for him, and now Murray hasn’t just moved anywhere, he’s gone to a division rival: The Philadelphia Eagles.  So in a matter of just 2 weeks, the Eagles lost their star running back LeSean McCoy to the Bills, only to pick up the Cowboys’ star running back.  This is just plain strange.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts have released running back Trent Richardson.  Richardson came into the league as the #3 pick in the NFL Draft.  He was an absolute beast at Alabama, but just couldn’t turn on the jets in Cleveland.  The Browns traded him to the Colts, and the Colts thought he would be their long term solution in the backfield.  Nope — he didn’t work out there either.  Does any team want to take a chance on him?  He isn’t hurt, and he still has “potential”.  It will be interesting to see where he ends up.


LeBron JamesIn the NBA, we were treated to a rematch of the San Antonio Spurs vs. LeBron James.   Last year, the Spurs took on LeBron when he was a member of the Miami Heat, so how would his new team, the Cleveland Cavs, fare against the disciplined Spurs.  Well it was a neck and neck game, but the Cavs have an incredible weapon named Kyrie Irving.  Irving went crazy for 57 points and helped the Cavs win in overtime.  The way the Cavs are playing, they look like they will be dancing into the NBA Finals come June.  Cleveland 128, San Antonio 125.

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