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Andre Johnson New Home With Colts, Ryan Fitzpatrick A Jet, Greatest Fight May 2nd


In the NFL, the free agent extravaganza continues:

Andre JohnsonLong-time superstar Houston Texans’ receiver Andre Johnson found a new home:  He will now catch passes from the Indianapolis Colt’s QB Andrew Luck.  Johnson is at the tail end of his career, but he hasn’t had a good quarterback throwing to him, well, ever.  It will be amazing to see how these two connect next season.

And in Philadelphia, Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly came out publicly and said that they wouldn’t be moving up to draft the highly touted Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.  Kelly said the team wouldn’t mortgage their future (meaning trade a lot of draft picks) for just one player.  The Eagles did add depth, however, to their running game, signing former Chargers’ running back Ryan Matthews.  Matthews never really worked out out as the Chargers anticipated, but in Chip Kelly’s system, he could do some damage.  On top of this, it was reported that Cowboys’ running back DeMarco Murray has reached out to Chip Kelly as well.

In New York, the Jets added veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick is the poster boy for “We might need this guy in case our young project quarterback doesn’t work out”.  Right now, the Jets have Geno Smith, but if he makes a mistake, you can bet Fitzpatrick will be under center in no time.  Elsewhere in New York, the Giants signed former Patriots’ running back Shane Vereen.  Vereen was a great player in New England, but that backfield is too crowded and they no longer needed his services.


May 2nd is the most anticipated fight in a long time.  Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao.  Two fighters who had storied careers and will finally put their legacies on the line.  And on Wednesday, they had their press conference, and it was like watching two master promoters go at it.  They’re not just great boxers, they’re also geniuses in how to hype a fight.  Reserve a seat at your favorite bar for this one — it’s going to be fun to watch.

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