In the NFL, it was a much anticipated Monday Night Football Match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots.  The Panthers were coming off a win against the Niners last week, and this was their true statement game.  Taking out the Patriots on national television would show that they are, in fact, for real.  And this game delivered everything that people wanted.  It was extremely close the entire time, and a late touchdown from Cam Newton to Ted Ginn gave the Panthers a lead.  The Patriots had one last chance, but there was a controversial call in the end zone of pass interference against Carolina.   The flag was thrown, but repealed because, according to the rules, Patriots’ tight end, Gronkowski wasn’t actually in position to catch the ball.  Check it out for yourself as I still can’t see why it isn’t pass interference So with that, the Panthers win, and are now 7-3.  Carolina 24, New England 20.

In college football, USC is on the lookout for their next high-profile coach.  They said they are prepared to spend $6 million a year.  Super Bowl winning coach Jon Gruden has been in the mix, as has former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.  But, while they are looking hard, current interim head coach Ed Orgeron has had USC playing lights out football.  They have been terrific since he took over for Lane Kiffin, and even led them to an impressive, upset win against Stanford.  Orgeron says he wants the job, and the players love him.  But, Orgeron’s winning record is in question, and it is still possible that USC will go with a high profile coach to compliment their illustrious program.

And finally, it looks like two of the most powerful and recognizable athletes may be teaming up on a business venture.  It was reported yesterday that basketball superstar LeBron James and soccer legend David Beckham are working together to try and bring a Major League Soccer team to Miami.  The MLS has gained some steam the last few years, with fervent fan bases around the U.S.  Miami is a big soccer city, and these two know that a team would be financially successful there.  This will likely happen, and would be a great thing for a burgeoning league.  Who knows, maybe one day it will be as impressive as the English Premiership.

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