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In the NFL, the Green Bay Packers were hoping to hold down their turf without QB Aaron Rodgers against the Philadelphia Eagles.   Rodgers is out with a slightly broken collar bone and there is no date set for his return.  Seneca Wallace was picked to start the game in which the Packers would likely lean on their run game.  However, in just the first quarter, Wallace went out with a groin injury, forcing the Packers to look to their third string quarterback Scott Tolzien.  Tolzien was the QB at another beloved football program in the area, the Wisconsin Badgers, and fans hoped he could take the reigns and win.  Unfortunately for the Pack, Eagles QB Nick Foles is absolutely on fire right now.  Foles threw 3 touchdowns and helped the Eagles get another win.  They are a scrappy bunch, but the Eagles are still making a run at the NFC East.  Philadelphia 27, Green Bay 13.

And in Tennessee, the Titans were looking to show off their tenacious defense against a winless Jacksonville Jaguars team.  However, the Jags were ready for them.  Plus, early in the game, the Titans lost starting quarterback Jake Locker.  And the prognosis is that they likely lost Locker for the entire season.  So Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick took over at QB for the Titans.  The Jags meanwhile looked solid on offense and on defense, even stripping the ball from Fitzpatrick for a defensive touchdown that would ice the game.  The Jags grab their first win, and the Titans are left wondering if their decent season is about to spiral out of control.  Jacksonville 29, Tennessee 20.

In Indianapolis, everyone expected the Colts to slaughter the Rams, especially since the Colts were coming off an impressive comeback win against the Texans last week.  But, instantly, the Rams were all over the Colts in every aspect of the game.  And finally their hot rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin came to life.  He ran back a touchdown, and out ran defenders for two touchdowns.  He absolutely torched the Colts.  And the Colts couldn’t do anything on offense, as the Rams’ defense looked like the best in the NFL.  Why can’t the Rams play like this all the time?  The Colts lose a shocker, and unfortunately for fans, looking quite fallible.  St. Louis 38, Indianapolis 8.

Finally, in New Orleans, the Saints were red hot against the Dallas Cowboys.  The Saints had a record 40 first downs against the Cowboys, and showed that they are going to be nearly impossible to beat on their home field.  The Cowboys, however, took a serious step back in their quest to win the putrid NFC East and get a home field playoff game.  Dez Bryant had one of his “horrible” games, and the Cowboys have to ask themselves some serious questions this week.  The Saints, however, look like they are back on track after getting crushed by the Jets last week.  New Orleans 49, Dallas 17.

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