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In the World Series, it was a pivotal Game 5 between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals with the series tied at 2-2.  This was the Cardinals last home game of the season, and they really needed the win to get the advantage in the series before it heads back to Boston. Winning 2 games in Fenway Park is going to be very tough for the Cards, so it didn’t help that the Red Sox got an excellent pitching night from Jon Lester.  The Cards got a homer from Matt Holliday, but some clutch hits in the 7th inning gave the Red Sox a 3-1 lead and they would never look back.  Tune in Wednesday night as the Sox could win the whole World Series.  Boston 3, St. Louis 1.


And in the NFL, it was Monday Night Football between the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams.  The Rams were without their starting quarterback Sam Bradford, who is out for the season.  Back-up Kellen Clemens didn’t really impress, but the Rams got a good running night from Zac Stacy.  The Seahawks didn’t look that great either, and their lackluster offense allowed the Rams to get back into the game at the end.  In fact, the whole game came down to just one single play.  The Rams let the clock tick down to one second, and then ran a pass play in the end zone, and… nothing. The game ended and the Seahawks held on for the win.  Seattle 14, St. Louis 9.


Finally, in the NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant is often considered the second best player in the NBA.  After all, he is playing in the same era as LeBron James.  Durant is still without a Finals win, and yesterday he came out and said that he is no longer “obsessed” with winning.  Durant stated that in the past he was so obsessed with winning that it seriously affected his game.  He would be hard on his teammates and was super hard on himself if he missed a shot, using the mentality that if he missed a certain shot, then he would miss that same shot in a deciding game of the NBA Finals.  This year, he says he is no longer obsessed, that he is going to just go out there and have fun.

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