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In the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the 0-5 New York Giants and the 4-1 Chicago Bears.  It’s absolutely shocking to see the Giants at 0-5.  This is a team that is expected to compete year in and year out for the Super Bowl.  They typically have a lot of the pieces to do it, and this year is no real exception.  Sure, they’re not as good as their Super Bowl squads, but 0-5?  This was the game where the Giants were going to make a statement.   The marquee headline of the game, however, was Bears’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall‘s shoes.  He wanted to wear green shoes to promote awareness for mental illness.  The NFL fined him for it, but it was important to him to do it.  As for the game, it was actually quite close, and the Giants thought they might actually pick up a win.  But some late mistakes made it impossible to grab the win, and the Giants fell to 0-6.  Wow!!!  This is a tough year.  Chicago 27, NY Giants 21.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are 0-4 and headed to play a Jets team in New York that looks half-decent right now.  So to get the Steelers completely focused, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has banned games from the Steelers locker room completely.  That means no ping-pong and no video games.  This is a bit of a childlike punishment, but a reputable organization like the Steelers at 0-4 is a very bad thing.  Nobody expected that.  And if the Steelers get worse, it could cost Tomlin his job (even with his Super Bowl appearances).  Tomlin can’t take that chance, so he is starting to lay down the law.  They need a win badly in New York.


It was a deciding Game 5 between the Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics.  The Athletics had the benefit of playing in front of their home crowd, but they also put a rookie on the mound.  Yep, Sonny Gray got a chance to be a hero at a very young age.  Unfortunately for the A’s, they had to face arguably the best pitcher in baseball:  Justin Verlander.  And Verlander doesn’t exactly make mistakes, especially in these pressure situations.  He kept the Athletics completely scoreless, and got some run support from Miguel Cabrera in the 4th inning, when Miggy smashed a homer to give the Tigers a 2-0 lead.  The A’s couldn’t do anything against Verlander and went into the 9th inning scoreless. The Tigers advance to the ALCS to take on the Boston Red Sox.
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