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It was World Series Game 2 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.  And this one was packed.  It was reported that tickets were going for as much as $3000.  The Red Sox had all the momentum coming into this game, however, considering how poorly the Cardinals played in game 1, they had no intention of repeating.  And, they didn’t!  This game the Cards looked completely poised, while the Red Sox made disastrous plays, overthrowing balls and carelessly letting runs score.  That would prove costly for the Sox. The Cards won the game with the series is now heading back to St. Louis.  St. Louis 4, Boston 2.


And in the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Bucs have been absolutely terrible this season, and are still in search of their first win.  They were playing a Panthers team that has been good, but slightly inconsistent, however, the Panthers boast one of the league’s scariest front 7 on defense.  Quarterbacks and running backs fear these guys, and Thursday night’s game was no exception.  On top of that, Carolina’s QB Cam Newton looked like a magician, even leading the Panthers in rushing yardage.  The Panthers are a team on the rise, and a real threat to make the playoffs.  Carolina 31, Tampa Bay 14.

Finally in the NFL, there was a major storyline this morning out of St. Louis.  Last week, the Rams lost their starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the season.  They’re relatively competitive this season, so they wanted a quarterback who could right this plane before it crashes.  So who did they reach out to?  None other than 44-year old Brett Favre.  Yes, they felt like Favre still had some gas in the tank, and gave him a call.  However, Favre politely declined the invitation, perhaps to the surprise of many.  The Rams will have to hope back-up Kellen Clements can get the job done.

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