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In New York, we definitely have a new rivalry.  Since the Nets have moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, they have been a completely different team.  They play well together, and are ready to give the Eastern Conference a run for its money.  So, Tuesday night was Round 2 of the new rivalry between the Knicks and Nets.  And we were back at the Barclays Center where Carmelo knows how to score.  The game was a back and forth battle, but Carmelo Anthony went crazy again with a whopping 45 points. In two meetings at the Barclays center, Anthony has a total of 80 points — that’s amazing!  It came to the end, and the Knicks eeked out the victory.  But let’s be clear, this rivalry is only going to get more ferocious.  New York 100, Brooklyn 97.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Lakers are receiving a ton of criticism from their poor play, and much of that is coming from Laker-God:  Magic Johnson.  Magic’s latest criticism is that the Lakers are using Pau Gasol incorrectly.  Magic said that when Pau Gasol played in the low block (meaning right around the rim), he shot 53% and was one of the best passing big men in the game.  But now, new head coach Mike D’Antoni is playing him at the foul line.  Magic said that that’s not efficient for Pau Gasol, and that he’s not being utilized correctly.  The main problem is that because his numbers have slipped, a lot of the blame is landing on Pau’s shoulders for the Lakers woes.   And a lot of fans want the Lakers to trade Pau.  They must have forgotten how integral he was to those two championships.  Either way, the Lakers need to figure out things quickly.

They had a shot against a losing Cleveland Cavaliers squad.  However, Cleveland does have talent, and you never know when they’re going to sneak up on you.  Plus, this season, given the major off-season acquisitions, it seems that every team is out there trying to beat the Lakers when they come to town.  Cleveland was no exception, and they now have their star point-guard Kyrie Irving back.  This game turned into Kobe v. Kyrie (two guys who challenged each other during the Olympic practices).  Kobe had 42 points, and Kyrie went for 28, but, in the end, the Cavaliers were just too much for the Lakeshow.  The Lakers currently aren’t even ranked in the top 8 in the west, meaning that they wouldn’t make the playoffs if it started today.  That’s pretty pathetic for a team that just brought in Dwight Howard AND Steve Nash.  Cleveland 100, LA Lakers 94.

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