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In college football, it was the SEC Championship between #2 Alabama and #3 Georgia.  If Alabama wins, they receive the opportunity to play Notre Dame in the National Championship.  If Georgia wins, they have a shot to play Notre Dame in the National Championship (although it wasn’t a certainty).  Well, the Georgia Bulldogs had advantage of the game in the second half, and it even looked like they had a chance to win.  But a late beautiful touchdown pass from Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron put Alabama up by 4.  Georgia would need a TD to win.  And they even got down into the Crimson Tide’s red zone.  But a bad play with just 10 seconds left on the clock cost Georgia the game, and, with no timeouts, they completed a pass to the 5 yard line and stayed in bounds.  The clock… ran out, and so did the Bulldogs championship hopes.  It’ll be Alabama and Notre Dame in the BCS Championship.

In the NFL, there was a serious tragedy in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.  On Saturday, Chiefs defensive player Javon Belcher killed his girlfriend, then came into the Chiefs practice facility.  He went up to the coaches, including head coach Romeo Crennel, and told them he appreciated everything they had done for him during his time in Kansas City.  Then, just minutes later, Belcher shot himself in the head.  Nobody knows why he did either act, but it left the Chiefs organization saddened and in disarray.  On top of that, they had to host a pesky Carolina Panthers team at home with a heavy heart.  They must have mustered up some team spirit because Brady Quinn and the Chiefs did what they needed to do, with Quinn throwing for 201 yards and two touchdowns to take the win.  Just an extremely horrible incident, but hopefully the win boosted morale, if even only for a few minutes.  Kansas City 27, Carolina 21.

Finally, in the Sunday Night Football game, the Dallas Cowboys needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.  They would take on a disarrayed Philadelphia Eagles team, who was missing both their starting quarterback (Michael Vick) and all-star running back (LeSean McCoy).  The Cowboys aren’t exactly a reliable team this year, but they hoped to hold their own in Cowboy Stadium.  Plus, they got back their super promising young running back DeMarco Murray for the game.  They sorely needed him, as they were ranked last in the league in rushing coming into this game.  Murray played well (83 yards and a touchdown), but the Eagles may have another star in their hands with back-up running back Bryce Brown.  Brown had another super game, rushing for 169 yards a two touchdowns. However, in the end, Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense was clicking and they secured the much needed victory.  Dallas 38, Philadelphia 33.

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