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In the NFL, the free agency/trade machine was in full swing again yesterday.

First up, the Arizona Cardinals finally shored up their hole at the quarterback position.  They didn’t draft a QB in the draft, and yesterday they brought now former Eagle Kevin Kolb to town.  Going into the 2010 season, Kolb was projected to have a strong, break-out season.  But he didn’t play well in pre-season, then got hurt midway through the first game and barely saw any action after that.  In Arizona, he will be instantly praised as ‘the man’, and will have secured the starting job the second he arrives in town.  This guy will be motivated, and is already playing with one of the best receivers in the league:  Larry Fitzgerald.  This could be a turn around year for the Cardinals.

And, just one day after Matt Hasselbeck essentially lost his job, another squad decided to sign him up.  The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with Hasselbeck, which will most likely make him their starter in 2011.  Hasselbeck is still relatively healthy and able.  He has an arm and precision passing, and could be a perfect presence to simply run the Tennessee offense.  Remember, the Titans main weapon is their superstar running back Chris Johnson.  Having a capable guy like Hasselbeck at QB who can pick up the 3rd and 4th possessions, which in turn enables the Titans to keep running — well, that’s a great thing.  Plus, the Titans drafted Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker with the 8th overall pack as their QB of the future.  Hasselbeck will act as a mentor.  This, by the way, pretty much guarantees that the Vince Young era in Tennessee is over.


Finally, a major trade in baseball.  Carlos Beltran was one of baseball’s rising superstars this past decade.  He began his career in Kansas City, rising up through their farm system.  Then, he headed to Houston, where he absolutely crushed it in the post-season and almost single-handedly won the World Series for the Astros (they fell to the White Sox).  Beltran then signed with baseball super agent Scott Boras and demanded a gigantic contract.  The New York Mets came calling and gave Beltran the money he wanted.  Unfortunately for the Mets, Beltran was injury prone over the past few seasons, preventing him from doing anything close to the brilliance he showed in Houston.  Now, Beltran is being shipped to the San Francisco Giants.  The Giants are currently sitting in first place in the NL West, and are betting on Beltran’s potential to help them  if they go to the post season again.  Remember, they’re defending their crown.

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