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Derek Jeter continues to march towards his remarkable goal of 3,000 hits — a milestone only a very few special players reach.  Against the Indians, Jeter hit a clutch double to obtain his 2,997th hit.  He needs just 3 more to achieve his goal.  And, good news for Yankees fans, this puts Jeter in a position to get the big hit in front of Yankees fans when he returns to New York to take on the Tampa Bay Rays in a 4-game home stand.  On top of all this, the Yankees are still in great position to make the playoffs and make another run at a World Series.  But, despite all this, the Yanks lost yesterday’s battle to the Indians.  Cleveland 5, NY Yankees 3.

Elsewhere in baseball, the Atlanta Braves seem to have found themselves an ace pitcher.  Jair Jurrjens has quietly obtained the best record in the Naitonal League.  Going into yesterday’s game against the Colorado Rockies, he was 11-3, with a 1.87 ERA (and if you don’t know if that’s good or bad, let’s clarify — it’s very very good).  What Jurrjens has been so brilliant at is getting out of jams with runners on base.  He knows how to key up the big strike out when he needs to.  And now the Braves are giving him terrific run support, posting 9 runs in a shellacking of the Rockies.  The Braves are still 3 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East, but there’s a very strong chance that they might nab the top spot before the post-season.  Atlanta 9, Colorado 1.


Finally, in some sports legal news, a doctor from Canada is in serious trouble.  Dr. Anthony Galea has admitted that he brought illegal drugs into the United States, primarily HGH (Human Growth Hormone).  But here’s the rub:  He was apparently sought out by some of the biggest names in sports and pocketed close to a million dollars in services.  It was known that he was treating Alex Rodriguez, but investigators say that his client rosters included stars from golfers, baseball players, and football players.  Galea probably will not face jail time, but he has agreed to cooperate with the investigators about naming his client roster as well as other business people he has worked with.  Clearly, the investigative team is after shutting down the entire operation of performance enhancing drugs.  Although… this will prove very difficult.

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