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Derek Jeter made history this weekend. On Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays with only two hits to go to get to the historic 3000, Jeter hit a dramatic home run to seal the deal. But that wasn’t it for Jeter, he ended up going 5 for 5 and even connected on the game-winning hit.  The stadium went crazy!  Jeter is the 28th member of the 3000 hit club and the only player to do it all for they Yankees.

In the women’s World Cup, the United States is ranked #1 in the world.  But as we’ve seen in other tournaments, that doesn’t guarantee a victory.  On Sunday they had a very tough match-up against Brazil, led by Marta, one of the best female players in the world.  The U.S. led 1-0 early because of an accidental goal by Brazil, but Brazil took a 2-1 lead in overtime, and it looked like the United States was headed home after a valiant effort… UNLESS they could somehow come up with a miracle goal in the last minute.  Not possible, right?  Especially in a sport like soccer where only 2 or 3 goals are typically scored per game.

Brazil made it even more difficult when one of their players, Erika, went down and pleaded for help.  This type of late-game move is typical when a team is trying to hold onto the lead and killing time and momentum.  Brazil brought out the stretcher crew and carefully lifted her onto the plank, thus killing precious game-time in the process.  Usually teams give up in moments like this.  Then, once they got off the field, Erika got up, and easily jogged to the sidelines.  What???!!!!  Time continued, and shortly after, that player came running back onto the field looking totally healthy.  It was just a shady, bogus move.  Well, in one last effort, the U.S. dribbled the ball down field, and their left-wing booted a prayer towards the goal.  Abby Wambach jumped up and bravely headed the ball perfectly into the net.  GOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!  Amazing.  Nobody saw that coming.  And with that, the score was tied at 2-2 and we were headed to penalty kicks.  This was the perfect opportunity for the best goalie of the World Cup, the United States’ Hope Solo, to show what she could do.  She let 2 go by, but blocked the 3rd one, and the crowd erupted!!!  Then, the U.S. hit their shots to seal the deal.  Just a phenomenal, never-say-die comeback from the United States. US 2, Brazil 2 — US wins in shootout.

And in poker, the World Series of Poker kicked off this weekend, and will bestow quite the cash award this year.  The pot of money is $8.71 million.  While most of that money goes to the top 8 players, the top 693 will still get about $19,000 each, which is a profit on their $10,000 entry.  However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this year’s tournament because of the shut down of some of the biggest online poker gambling sites:  Full Tilt and Poker Stars.  Those companies used to sponsor some of the biggest celebrities in the game (e.g. Phil Ivey — the guy you always see playing with head phones on). But these stars aren’t there this year because they don’t want to answer questions about all the money that is currently frozen in online banks.  There is roughly $150 million in unpaid debts to players.  People made their livings playing online poker, but are unable to retrieve it right now. We’ll see what legislation is passed on the future of online poker. These days there are sites like where one can gamble in peace.