In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls were looking to close out the series on a pesky Indiana Pacers team.  The Pacers were down 3-1 in the series, but they’ve barely lost every game.  The series record could easily be the other way.  In Game 5, Derrick Rose had to play on a sprained ankle, and when the Bulls don’t have Rose at 100%, the entire crowd has to hold their breath.  But, last night, the entire Bulls teams stepped up, especially Luol Deng, who is quickly becoming the #2 scoring option behind Rose.  The Pacers did what they could, and got a nice 20-point night from Danny Granger, but the Bulls simply ran away with the game and advanced to Eastern Conference semi-finals.  Chicago 116, Indiana 89.

Next up, it was a pivotal Game 5 for the Orlando Magic.  They were down 3-1 in the series, and it was win or STAY HOME on their home court last night.  The Atlanta Hawks just seem to have their number — defending the Magic well, and making it so Dwight Howard has to do ALL the work.  They’re letting him get his points, and stifling the rest of the Orlando team.  But, last night, the Magic were an absolute force.  They steamrolled the Hawks, and, beyond that, Dwight Howard battled foul trouble and was on the bench quite a bit.  He hit only one field goal on the night, and the Magic’s best player out there:  J.J. Redick with 14 points and 3 rebounds.  With this kind of pummeling, the Hawks better close out the series in Atlanta in Game 6 or they could be in serious trouble in Game 7.  Orlando 101, Atlanta 76.

Finally, the game everyone was talking about — the important Game 5 between the Hornets and the Lakers. Many expected the Lakers to sweep this series, but the Hornets are putting up a fight.  With the series now a best of 3 (as it’s tied at 2), it’s really anybody’s series.  Remember, the Lakers may be a better team, but if they play poorly just two nights, they’re out.  Last night they came to play.  They had an even scoring attack, and Bynum and Kobe led the way with 18 and 19 points respectively.  Chris Paul had another amazing game with 20 points and 12 assists, but this Hornets team doesn’t really have a comeback in them.  They need to keep it close the whole way and hope they can win in the end.  But, if they fall behind by more than 7 points, it’s really hard for them to regain the lead.  And the Lakers are a much bigger and tougher squad that’s hard to defend on consecutive possessions.  Either way, the series heads back to New Orleans for Game 6 with the Lakers up 3-2.  LA Lakers 106, New Orleans 90.

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