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In the NBA, some final seedings were on the line in the Western Conference as Dallas took on New Orleans and the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Sacramento Kings.  If either team lost and the other won, the winning team would be awarded the #2 seed in the West.  Dallas got a fantastic night from Dirk Nowitzki with 32 points in a 32-point blowout against the Hornets, but it would be nil if the Lakers won too.  Well, you wouldn’t think they would struggle with the Kings under such important circumstances, but you can’t underestimate the Kings Marcus Thornton.  He had 33 points, and took the Lakers to overtime.  But, the Lakeshow were too much in OT, and they also got a win.  Kobe finished with 36 points, and that gives them the #2 seed in the West, and Dallas gets the #3.  Also, this may have been the final game played in Sacramento, as the team will most likely move to Anaheim.  Dallas 121, New Orleans 89.  LA Lakers 116, Sacramento 108.

And speaking of Kobe Bryant, he’s in a serious amount of hot water right now for his egregious slur on Tuesday night.  In the heat of the moment, when Kobe was furious about a bad call, he called the referee a fa***t.  Clearly he was angry, and didn’t mean it literally, but when you’re as famous as Kobe is, that has serious repercussions.  Kobe is a role model not only in Los Angeles, but around the world.  Kobe apologized to the Gay and Lesbian community profusely, saying he didn’t mean it literally, and it was because he was upset.  He said that even though it was misunderstood, it was nonetheless wrong.  The NBA is fining him $100,000, and commissioner David Stern said it is a much deserved fine.  This event will most likely pass, but when you’re Kobe Bryant, you have to watch what you say.


The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox got off to a very slow start this season.  But now, after a couple of good outings, the Yankees are now tied for first with the Baltimore Orioles.  In a much anticipated match-up between the new-look O’s and the Yanks, the Yankees quickly got 6 runs off Orioles pitcher Chris Tillman and never looked back.  Both Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada homered, and the Yanks look like they’re back in typical form.  Friday, these teams will play again for sole ownership of first place in the ultra-competitive AL East Division.  NY Yankees 7, Baltimore 4.

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