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In the NBA, the playoffs continue:

First, it was Game 2 between the #4 Oklahoma City Thunder and the #5 Denver Nuggets.  The Thunder took Game 1, but Denver hoped to even things up in Game 2.  That’s not exactly what happened, as Denver came out soft and sloppy.  They couldn’t buy a bucket, and soon found themselves down by 20 points.  Not exactly where you want to be in the playoffs.  Ty Lawson had a nice game for Denver with 20 points, but Kevin Durant and the Thunder excelled and held off a late Nuggets comeback to take a commanding 2-0 lead heading back to Denver.  The Thunder recently got a victory in Denver, but let it be known that the Nuggets are VERY tough to beat on their home floor.  OKC 106, Denver 89.

Next up, it was Game 2 between the #1 San Antonio Spurs and the #8 Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizz stole Game 1 by playing some ferocious basketball, and keep in mind that they’ve been playing strong without their best player, Rudy Gay.  He’s out for the season.  But the Spurs had their best player, Manu Ginobili, back in the line-up for Game 2.  The game was close for a while, but the Duncan (16 points, 10 rebounds), Ginobili (17 points) combo was too much for the Grizz. Now, the series is tied at 1 game a piece heading back to Memphis.

Finally, it was the game that everybody wanted to see:  The Lakers vs. The Hornets.  The Hornets nabbed a win in LA in Game 1, and all the Laker radio stations couldn’t stop talking about how their dynasty was in jeopardy.  At this point, nobody knows which Laker squad is going to show up:  The defending champions who can play big and pummel you, or the old-man Lakers who practically just lay down and die.  Fortunately for the Lakers, they’re playing a very shaky and inconsistent Hornets team.  Sure, they have Chris Paul (one of the best players in the league), but little else.  Paul finished the game with 20 points and 9 assists (including some amazing end-of-quarter 3 pointers), but the Lakers brought their defensive A-game, and were able to roll to the victory.  The series now heads back to New Orleans, which doesn’t exactly have the most electric home crowd.  Then again, when the Lakers come to town, people show up.  LA Lakers 87, New Orleans 78.

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