What a wild weekend in the NFL.  Lets get right to it:

1) The Pats looked just fine with out their golden boy Tom Brady.  Matt Cassel, the lifetime back up (both in New England and at USC) threw for 165 Yards.  Sure, no touchdowns, but also… no interceptions.  They won’t be half as explosive without Brady, but hopefully Cassel can keep the locomotive running.  However, come playoff time, an inexperienced Cassel might become a HUGE weakness. (New England 19, NY Jets 10)

2) There was some intense controversy in a crazy offensive shoot out in Denver.  San Diego was winning in the 4th quarter, when the ball slipped out of the hands of Broncos QB Jay Cutler.  San Diego pounced on top of the ball, and thought they had the game won, but the referees ruled it an incomplete pass.  Chargers head coach Norv Turner was livid with the call, but the ruling gave the Broncos another chance.  And boy did it work out for Denver, with the Broncos icing the game on a risky 2-pt conversion where Cutler found rookie Eddie Royal in the end zone.  More controversy came after the game when the referee openly admitted to Chargers coach Norv Turner that it was a botched call.  It’s unfortunate when these things happen, but human error is simply a part of sports. (Denver 39, San Diego 38)

3) In Minnesota, it was a battle of two teams expected to have great seasons — the Vikings and the Colts.  However, both teams went into the game 0-1, and a win was crucial for both sides.  The offense on both sides was dormant for first half (with the exception of Vikings RB Adrian Peterson), but in the second half, the Colts turned into the Colts, and their kicker Adam Vinatieri won the game on a 47-yard last second field goal.  Furthermore, the Vikings have a good offense in place, but many think that their 2nd Year QB Tavarias Jackson just isn’t fit to steer the ship.  Will there be a change coming soon?  (Indy 18, Minnesota 15)

4) Over in in Kanasas City, it was a showdown of the terribles.  Note:  That’s a ‘bad’ terrible.  The Oakland Raiders visited Kansas City, hoping to prove that they weren’t destined for another godawful season.  Plus, there was much speculation in the Oakland media, that Raiders Head Coach Lane Kiffin’s job was on the line.  Talk about pressure.  But, Oakland prevailed behind their vicious rookie Running Back, Darren McFadden.  He ran for a whopping 164 yards and 1 TD.   Lane Kiffin’s job is safe… for now.  (Oakland 23, Kansas City 8)

5) And finally, there was a shake-up in the NFC West.  This division was dominated by the St. Louis Rams in the early part of the decade, and then the torch was handed to the Seattle Seahawks for the past 4 years.  However, both those teams utterly stink right now, and there is someone new sitting on top.  It’s crazy, but the Arizona Cardinals (arguably the worst franchise in professional sports) are sitting pretty and undefeated atop the division.  They edged a putrid Miami Dolphins team behind, coincidentally, former Rams All-Pro QB, Kurt Warner.  He’s on fire this season, and threw for an incredible 361 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Maybe, for the first time, the Arizona Cardinals ARE for real. (Arizona 31, Miami 10)

Be sure to catch tonight’s Monday Night match-up.  A battle between two bitter rivals — the Cowboys and Eagles, both of which looked incredible in Week 1.   It should be a classic down to the last minute.

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