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The Denver Broncos have been riding high this season, opening up the season with an explosive offense, and a pretty good 2-0 record.  However, now there’s some bad news coming out of the Broncos organization.  Brandon Marshall, their star Wide Receiver, has been charged with battery assault in Georgia from an incident in March.  He’s been accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend and then trashing her apartment.  Sad stuff, and Marshall has been upfront with the Broncos organization about it (basically saying it’s true).  The Broncos knew they had a gifted athlete in Marshall, but they were also equally concerned about his off-the-field behavior.  It looks like the latter is still bad.

A couple weeks ago at the NBA rookie symposium, a multi-day conference where NBA rookies learn how to live life in the NBA, Kansas Jayhawk teammates Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur were caught with marijuana and girls in their hotel room.  The league fined them $20,000 dollars each, and is forcing them to attend the conference next year.  However, now it comes out that there was one more person involved:  Rookie Phenom and No. 2 overall pick, Michael Beasley.  Beasley came forward to the league yesterday, and said that he was privy to the event.  The league is fining him $50,000, but are also making it publicly known that they (at least) admire that he decided to step-up and stand by his friends.

The Minnesota Vikings have even more problems on their hands. Now, their all-star Running Back, Adrian Peterson may not play in their next game against Carolina due to a pulled hamstring.  And, basically, Adrian Peterson is their only offensive weapon.  Plus, their top two receivers, Sidney Rice and Bernard Berrian are suffering from nagging injuries as well.  We’ll keep an eye on the Vikings, but for a team predicted to reach the NFC Championship… it’s not looking good.

And finally, some fun, uplifting news.  Darius Miles, a former high-school standout, has had a sketchy NBA career.  He came into the league with people expecting nothing short of greatness from him.  He started on the Clippers to mediocre results, headed over to the Cavaliers for more average stats, then joined the Portland Trailblazers when their nickname was the JailBlazers (meaning their team comprised mostly of teammates with off-the-court issues).  Last season he was injured, and it appeared this once High School Phenom wouldn’t become the NBA all-star people imagined.  Now, however, he’s getting one more chance to play with… yep, the world Champion Boston Celtics.  He’s being brought in as a key reserve; a role player.  And this might finally be his time to shine, and show that he’s a winner.  But the best part, Darius said, “I’d play for the Celtics for $5 and a bag of Doritos”.  Big words coming from somebody who used to be all about the money.  Now it seems Darius wants to be part of a team, and finally put a good light on his career.

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