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What a wild Saturday (and Friday night) ahead of us.  First up, college football:

The most featured match-up in the country is easily Ohio St. @ USC.  However, there is another featured match-up tonight bearing an equal amount of importance in the world of College Football.  The up-and-coming Kansas Jayhawks (a school largely known for their dominant college basketball program) surged in football last year.  For decades they were a meaningless team in the Big 12, and then all of the sudden they’re playing in the Orange Bowl.  This year, they are still riding high, ranked #13 in the country, and being led by their all-pro quarterback, Todd Reesing.  However, Saturday isn’t just another game.  They’re going up against #19 Univ. of South Florida, another long dormant team that surged to a top 5 ranking last year.  Both of these schools are trying to prove that last year wasn’t a flash in the pan.  Therefore, Saturday’s game is about earning respect.  The winner might join the class of serious football programs, while the loser may be written off as having just a lucky year.

Meanwhile Rick Neuheisel and the UCLA Bruins will look to pick up where they left off after last week’s miracle comeback against Tennessee.  They’ll take this new confidence on the road against BYU’s iron-like defense.

Over in the NFL, this Vince Young drama heats up.  Tennessee Titans QB, Vince Young, was injured in their game v. the Jacksonville Jaguars.  And after the game, nobody could find him.  Finally did, and his mom came to his defense saying that her ‘baby’ wasn’t happy.  He’ll be fine, but he gets really depressed sometimes and has sometimes pondered quitting football.  Now, however, Vince Young’s therapist reports that Young would often talk of suicide.  Apparently, one time even drove away from the therapist’s office with a gun.  Now the whole state of Tennessee is worried about their QB, not to mention all the Texas Longhorn fans (Young’s alma mater).  Hopefully, Young will recover, return to the gridiron, dominant, and well… be happy.

And for those of you out there who can’t get enough of Michael Phelps and the Olympics, well, Phelps will be hosting the Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live.  How will they roast him?  What’s up for satire?  His 8 gold medals?  His mom’s reaction?  His 12,000 calorie-per-day diet.  We’ll just have to see.  SNL has a great tradition of sports icons hosting the show, and they always leave us with some classic skits (i.e. Peyton Manning’s United Way Ad, Joe Montana’s “I’m going upstairs to…”, and Michael Jordan’s lunch with Da Bears Guys).  It’s a must watch episode.

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