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It’s the day that all sports fans look forward to:  Opening Sunday in the NFL.  All creeds of fans plop themselves on the couch for 5 hours or more… for myriad reasons.  Whether it’s to watch their favorite team, root against their least favorite team, or just to see if their fantasy football drafts bore fruit.  Whatever reason you have… it’s just a great time.  Here were the highlights from Week 1:

1) Two words:  Tom Brady.  But unlike last season, when those two words meant absurd yardage and 3-plus touchdowns, this year those two words ring a sad bell.  Midway through the first quarter, in what most thought would be an easy win for the Pats, Tom Brady went down with a knee injury.  The announcers reported that his return to the game was questionable, but nobody could imagine that he could be lost FOR THE SEASON.  Now, Pats fans are pessimistic that they will see the same fireworks from last season, when the Pats when 18-0.  Will the Pats be just another regular team, as opposed to the juggernaut from last year?  Most likely.  However, if there is any good news here, Pats fans should remember that the Pats dynasty began in 2001 when their QB, Drew Bledsoe, went down in Week 3, and a young 2nd year player named Tom Brady hit the field.  Maybe back-up QB Matt Cassel is the new Brady?  Just maybe.  Well, hopefully.  Okay, probably not.  New England 17, Kansas City 10.

2) In a whopping surprise victory, the Atlanta Falcons were a scoring machine against the Lions.  They were led by former LaDainian Tomlinson back-up RB, Michael Turner, and rookie QB Matt Ryan, who threw for a touchdown in his FIRST NFL PASS!  What an amazing debut.  And what a memory for Matt Ryan.  Atlanta 34, Detroit 21.

3) In a featured match-up on FOX (and what was supposed to be a close game), the Dallas Cowboys trounced the up-and-coming Cleveland Browns.  They looked sharp on almost every play, with their QB (and Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend) Tony Romo throwing for a whopping 320 yards and 1 TD to Terrel Owens.  The Cowboys are easily the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC.  Dallas 28, Cleveland 10.

4) Over in San Diego, there were literally some last second heroics.  It was a tight game, until the 4th quarter when the Chargers pulled away.  However, the Carolina Panthers battled back, and with only 2 seconds left on the clock, Panthers QB Jake Delhomme threaded the football through two Charger defenders and hit Dante Rosario in the back of the end zone to win the game.  It was a huge day for the unknown Wide Receiver Rosario (96 yards, 1 TD).  However, he was SO unknown that the graphics guys wrote his name as Rosario Dawson (the actress) on the players of the game board.  Man, how did that happen?  Talk about a broadcasting mistake and Freudian slip.

5) And it was a shocker on the NBC Sunday night game.  The Chicago Bears were expected to have a horrible season, especially with a shaky QB situation and a rookie RB running their offense.  However, they marched into Indianapolis and absolutely obliterated the Colts.  Their rookie RB, Matt Forte, had 123 rushing yards and a TD.  It could be a much better year for Chicago than people thought, while at the same time, a much worse year for Indianapolis.  Chicago 29, Indianapolis 13.

One thing’s for sure.  This season is completely unpredictable, and will be nothing short of exciting every single week.

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