Curry’s Sprain, Kentucky Upset, Hoosier Cheerleaders, Chelsea Franchise For Sale, Davante Traded, Mayfield Wants Out


Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry sprained a ligament in his foot during the Boston Celtics 110-88 win over the Warriors on Wednesday. No reports on how long he’ll be out.

March Madness is underway, and already we have the first big upset. Number 15 seed Saint Peters upset #2 seed Kentucky. The Wildcats became only the 10th #2 seed in history to ever lose to a #15 seed in the first round.

Indiana lost their matchup against St. Mary’s 82-53, but the Hoosiers cheerleaders made headlines when one of the members of the team jumped up on her teammate’s shoulders and flawlessly recovered a ball stuck behind the backboard.


Bids are due to purchase the lucrative Chelsea franchise from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. According to the Wall Street Journal, bids are expected to be in the range of $2.5-3.5 billion. Abramovich won’t be able to make a profit on the sale (proceeds expected to go to charity).


Quarterback Aaron Rodgers lost his favorite target when on Thursday the Green Bay Packers traded Pro Bowl wide receiver Davante Adams to the Los Angeles Raiders for two 2022 draft picks.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield has officially asked Cleveland for a trade, so he can make a fresh start somewhere else. According to reports, the Browns aren’t convinced he needs to go and might not honor his request.


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