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MLB Back, Fantasy Women’s Bball, Steph Curry Makes Fan Cry


Baseball is back! The League and the players union agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday ending a 99-day lockout. One facet of the deal was the increase in player salaries from a minimum of $575,500 last year to $700,000 for this year. Opening day is now set for April 7th with a 162 game season.


ESPN is launching Fantasy Women’s Basketball, the first season-long fantasy game for a major women’s sports league. The game will be launched in April in time for the season opener on May 6th. The timing seems right as the WNBA has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar business.

In a sweet moment in sports, a young girl was disappointed and cried when she came to the Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets game and her hero Steph Curry wasn’t playing. Curry then got her court side tickets to the next game and even came over to talk to her.


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