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Human Rights Groups Seek To Boycott 2022 Olympics, MLB Sets Opening Day, Mavericks Cease Playing National Anthem, Kaep Forms SPAC


A group of 180 human rights organizations are trying to organize a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics for China’s human rights abuses against ethnic minorities. China first hosted the Olympics in the summer of 2008.


Major League Baseball and the NBA Players Association agreed on health and safety protocols to allow the league to officially open on February 17th with an Opening Day set for April 1st.


The Dallas Mavericks are the first major North American professional sports team to stop playing the National Anthem prior to their home games this season. An NBA spokesperson said, “Under the unique circumstances of this season, teams are permitted to run their pregame operations as they see fit.” Owner Mark Cuban declined to comment on the issue.


Former NFL quarterback and controversial social activist Colin Kaepernick has formed a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) called Mission Advancement Corp. The blank-check company will seek to raise $250 million with the intent to buy a consumer business with a social purpose.

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