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Bucs Can’t Fire Cannons During Super Bowl, EA Sports Rebooting College Football Series


For the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl will be held at one of the featured team’s home stadium. There are obvious home-field advantages that can factor in, so the NFL is trying to regulate what Tampa Bay can and can’t do. In order to try and maintain a neutral site, one of the traditions the NFL canceled is allowing the Bucs to fire cannons from their iconic pirate ship after touchdowns and big plays. The team responded to the rule saying, “The firing of the cannons after big plays is a tradition that defines what it means to be a Buccaneer fan and serves as a signature element of our home game experience at Raymond James Stadium. However, we also acknowledge and understand the NFL’s position with regards to maintaining the integrity of a neutral site atmosphere for Super Bowl LV. While the cannons may not fire in their typical fashion, we look forward to showcasing parts of our tradition while working within the league’s guidelines.”

For college football fans, EA Sports announced it is rebooting its college football series. The last time the series was released was in 2013, so for gaming fans, this is a big deal. EA sports had to pause the franchise over these past eight years due to lawsuits over player compensation.

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