NBA Returns, Notre Dame Part Of ACC This Year


The NBA returns tonight. As of now, there are no known outbreaks in the Disney bubble, so if all continues to go well, the NBA will plan for a 10-week continuation of the season. Here’s how it will work: The 22 teams quarantining in Orlando will play eight “seeding games” in the next two weeks. The seeding games count toward the team’s regular-season standing, and whichever teams are in the top seven in each conference at the end of two weeks will then earn a playoff berth. The eighth playoff seed must be more than four games ahead of the ninth seed, or there will be a play-in-series. Here’s the lineup for tonight: Jazz vs. Pelican at 6:30 pm, Clippers vs. Lakers at 9:00 pm, and Indians vs. Twins at 9:00 pm.


For the first time in its 132-year history, Notre Dame will be a member of a conference. The ACC announced its 10 conference game schedule which includes Notre Dame joining the conference for one year and playing a full ACC schedule. The first game is slated for September 7th. The SEC and Big 12 are expected to announce their new schedules soon.



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