Harvick Wins Darlington, Magnus Carlsen’s Online Chess Tournament


Kevin Harvick won NASCAR’s first race back following a 10-week pause due to the pandemic. With no fans in the stands, Harvick (who recorded his 50th victory) spoke about his win at Darlington Raceway and said, “I just want to thank everybody from NASCAR and all the teams for letting us do what we do. I didn’t think it was going to be that different, then we won and it’s dead silent out here. We miss the fans.”


Chess is one of the few sports that can easily be played and watched online, so it’s no wonder it’s gaining in popularity. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen organized a successful and profitable online chess tournament, the Magnus Carlsen Invitational (which he won), and will be adding three more tournaments plus a grand final event with combined prize money of $1 million dollars. The tournament marks the first time online chess has been broadcast on TV. Carlsen is planning to kick off the next tournament on May 19th with the final on August 20th. Many athletes have been playing online chess recently including NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo who said, “Chess is tough, it takes skill. You can’t just be 7 feet and dunk over everybody.”


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