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Don Shula, NFL Reports Season Begins Sept. 10th, KBO & ESPN Reach Deal


The legendary Don Shula, former Hall of Fame NFL coach, died on Monday. Shula coached the Miami Dolphins for 26 years and led the 1972 team to an undefeated season, marking the only time in NFL history a team accomplished this feat. Shula was 90 years old.

The NFL announced they will be ready to publicize their 17-week schedule this week. All reports indicate they still plan to begin the season on September 10th. Most experts, however, believe the schedule will get modified a number of times before the season officially begins.


In a coronavirus world, we can’t help celebrate any live sporting events, which is why we’re now focused on live regular-season baseball starting up in Korea. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has reached a deal with ESPN to air six live games per week (although the timing of the games might be during the middle of the night).



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