Raiders Tops In Ticket Sales And Price, Joe Buck Says Fox Will Use Virtual Fans, Rams Unveil New Uniform


According to SeatGeek, the Las Vegas Raiders are the top team in terms of the number of ticket sales and ticket prices (average price $622, 30% higher than the 2nd place Seattle Seahawks at $439). Of course, this all assumes the NFL season takes place as scheduled, and fans are able to attend games.

Speaking of the NFL season and fans, Joe Buck, the Fox Sports’ football play-by-play announcer, told SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen, “There’s probably going to be a season in doing games with no fans, which will be difficult. I think Fox and these networks have to put crowd noise under us to make it a normal viewing experience at home. On top of that, they’re looking at ways to put virtual fans in the stands, so when you see a wide shot it looks like the stadium is jam-packed and in fact it’ll be empty.”

The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new team uniform. Not surprisingly (based off of the disappointment from fans when they revealed their new logo a few months ago), social media was not kind. One fan thought the uniform looked like the team should be shopping at IKEA, while another mentioned the jersey numbers looked like writing on an ice cream cake. Fun fact: The Rams are now the only team in the NFL without a white jersey. The new jersey colors are “Rams Royal”, “Sol”, and “Bone.”


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