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In And Out After Week 16, LeBron Catches Heat After Posting Anti-Semitic Lyrics From 21 Savage Song


It was a big weekend in the NFL as some teams clinched a playoff spot, a divisional championship, and even a first-round bye, while others are barely hanging on before getting mathematically eliminated from the postseason.

Some highlights in the AFC:

For the 10th consecutive year, the New England Patriots locked up the AFC East Division. The #1 ranked Kansas City Chiefs clinched a playoff spot, but with two weeks of losses failed to clinch the division and home-field advantage. The Chiefs may still get a first-round bye if they beat the Raiders in week 17. After the Indianapolis Colts beat the NY Giants, their playoff hopes are still alive and could clinch a spot next weekend with a win over the Tennesse Titans.

In the NFC:

With their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New Orleans Saints clinched the #1 seed and home-field advantage for the second time in franchise history. The Dallas Cowboys clinched the NFC East with their win over the Buccaneers (their 3rd NFC East title in the last 5 seasons), while the Seattle Seahawks fought hard on Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs to clinch a playoff spot. The Philadelphia Eagles have a rough ride ahead if they want to clinch a wild-card playoff spot as they’ll need to beat the Washington Redskins and hope the Minnesota Vikings lose.

For the full playoff picture after week 16, click here.


LeBron James has been receiving some heat after posting lyrics on Instagram from the song “ASMR” by hip-hop artist 21 Savage, “We been getting that Jewish money, Everything is Kosher.” James apologized saying, “Apologies, for sure, if I offended anyone. That’s not why I chose to share that lyric. I always [post lyrics]. That’s what I do. I ride in my car, I listen to great music, and that was the byproduct of it. So I actually thought it was a compliment, and obviously it wasn’t through the lens of a lot of people. My apologies. It definitely was not the intent, obviously, to hurt anybody.” LeBron has 45.8 million followers on Instagram.



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