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Controversial Call On MNF, BFF’s Wade And LeBron


The Minnesota Vikings/Seattle Seahawks matchup on Monday Night Football was mostly unexciting, except for the controversial call in the fourth quarter when Seahawks’ linebacker Bobby Wagner blocked a Vikings 47-yard field goal with 5:46 left in the 4th quarter and the Seahawks up 6-0. The referee initially threw a flag calling Wagner out for using leverage (using his teammates to jump and block the field goal). It was announced there wasn’t a foul, but if you watch the replay there’s proof of the leverage. The controversy has fans wondering why there are seemingly so many more missed calls this season. Seahawks 21, Vikings 7.


Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade is retiring at the end of this season and his best friend and former teammate LeBron James got emotional after they played their last regular season matchup against each other Monday night. In a close game that ultimately went to the Lakers (108-105), LeBron said afterward,  “I have been saying all week that it is bitter sweet. Every possession it was getting closer and closer to (being) the last one. Lots of emotions knowing I’m losing a brother in this game. That’s my guy, man.” The two competitors and friends exchanged jerseys after the game.

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