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Acuña Gets “Gutless” Hit By Fastball, “I’m Trying Jennifer”


The Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuña Jr. was attempting his 4th consecutive game leading off with a home run when a bitter Marlins’ pitcher Jose Ureña threw a fastball hitting him in the elbow. Many feel Ureña intentionally tried to hit him so Acuña’s streak would end. After the pitch, the benches cleared and the players and fans were up in arms. As the Braves’ Freddie Freeman said,  “It was gutless, I know that wasn’t the Marlins. That was just Jose Ureña. I don’t understand it. Just because a kid is having fun playing a game and having incredible success makes no sense.”


Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCullum complained in an interview a few weeks ago about star players joining superteams (specifically Kevin Durant going to the Golden State Warriors) saying, “I would never do anything of that nature. I think that it’s disgusting. No. It’s disgusting. I’m not built like those guys. I was raised differently … I think some players will take that route. But most guys have too much pride, want to really win on their own.” The video of his interview recently resurfaced and Twitter reacted. Social media really took off when “Jennifer” tweeted to McCullum, “Win a playoff game then talk”. McCullum responded with, “I’m trying Jennifer”. “I’m trying Jennifer” is now trending as a meme, and some fans have made t-shirts hoping this phrase becomes the Blazers team slogan!


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