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NFL $89 Mill To Social Justice, Herm Edwards To Arizona State, LaVar Claims Lonzo Better Than Curry


The NFL announced it is committed to putting up $89 million dollars over 7 years to social justice issues important to the African American community, such as community relations and criminal justice reform. The agreement is not considered a quid pro quo for the players stopping demonstrating during the anthem. Some players are still not happy, however. They believe Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin did not handle the negotiations to their satisfaction.

Former Kansas City Chiefs coach, and since 2008 ESPN Analyst and motivational speaker Herm Edwards, has reportedly been offered the head coaching job at Arizona State. Many were surprised by the potential hire as Edwards has been out of the NFL coaching game since ’08 and hasn’t been on the field for college since 1989.


LaVar Ball can’t help getting headlines, and on Wednesday night he made another nonsensical comment. He continues to claim his son, Lonzo Ball is a better player than two-time MVP Steph Curry. He said, “Until I die, I will always think my son is better than Steph Curry. Always! … I’ve trained my son, I know what he’s about. You know what Steph’s about. … He could be a 10-time MVP! I still don’t think he’s better than my son!” Curry had 28 points (to Lonzo’s 15) in the Golden State Warrior 127-123 win over Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

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