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College Football Rivalries, Adam Berns Pulls Off One Of Greatest Pranks Of All Time, NFL Turkey Lineup


We’re in the last week of the college football regular season (known as rivalry week). Not only will some teams make the playoffs while others lick their wounds until next year, but based on the heated rivalries and, in some cases implications for the post-season, we tend see some of the best football of the whole year.  The most exciting and drama filled game of the weekend will be the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn on Saturday 3:30 pm EST) as the team that loses could be eliminated from the playoffs. Plus, these teams and fans traditionally hate each other so must-see TV!

For a recap of one of the greatest pranks of all time after The Big Game (traditional rivalry between the Stanford Cardinals and the California Bears) in 1982 when the Stanford band ran on the field, check out this entertaining article. My clever brother, Adam Berns, masterminded the prank which is now ranked #5 by Sports Illustrated on its list of greatest sports pranks of all time.

In the NFL, here is the Thanksgiving Day lineup:

12:30 pm Minnesota vs Detroit

4:30 pm Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys

8:30 pm New York Giants vs Washington Redskins

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