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Rangers Criticism For Not Swapping Games, J.J. Watt Raises Over $5 Mill, Chris Sale’s Record Strikeout


With Hurricane Harvey and life-threatening conditions in the area, the Houston Astros moved their game against the Texas Rangers to Tampa Bay. Before relocating the series to Tampa Bay, the Astros asked the Rangers if they would consider swapping their home games. This week’s series would be played in Arlington and the September games would be played in Houston. The Rangers organization refused claiming it wouldn’t be fair to the fans. Their response caused an uproar on social media. One baseball fan, wrote, “The Rangers have just become the most classless, selfish organization in all of sports. I thought Texans were supposed to stick together!!!!, — Aaron Alvarado (@AaronAlvarado21) August 29, 2017. Rangers 12, Astros 2.

In other Hurrican Harvey news, the Rockets owner Leslie Alexander increased his donation to Hurricane relief from $4 million to $10 million. And, the Houston Texans J.J. Watt is using his celebrity to raise money through crowd funding. He’s already surpassed his original goal and is now at $5 million.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale threw for his 1,500th strike out in a record 1, 290 innings. No other pitcher in Major League Baseball History has pitched this many strikeouts in fewer than 1,300 innings. After a slow start to the season, Sale has become a leading candidate for the American League Cy Young Award.


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