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Cutler Solid In Dolphins Debut, NFLPA Says Work Stoppage Certainty In 2021


Former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler came out of retirement as a fill-in for Miami Dolphins backup QB Ryan Tannehill (who is undergoing surgery). Cutler was only in for 9 plays in his pre-season debut against the Baltimore Ravens but looked solid. According to Dolphins coach Adam Gase, “His tempo was really good. I think we gotta get used to that a bit, the rest of the guys, because he’s ready to go a little sooner than everyone else.”

We can enjoy a full football schedule for a few seasons, but according to the head of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith, there’s “virtual certainty” a work stoppage will occur after the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement in 2020. He told Sports Illustrated, “I think that the likelihood of either a strike or a lockout is almost in ’21 a virtual certainty.” Some of the issues needing resolving is the revenue split between owners and players and how much power NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has in instituting the personal conduct policy for the league.

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