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In the NBA, it was time for a batch of Game 2’s that were highly anticipated.  All of the teams playing Tuesday night lost Game 1 on their home floor.  Could they rebound?

First up, the #1 seed Indiana Pacers desperately needed a win against the #8 Atlanta Hawks who stole a game on Indiana’s home floor.  But, once again, the Hawks started the game up big, and the Pacers were left wondering what the heck was happening.  Then, in the 2nd half, the Pacers finally turned back into the Pacers of old and went on a huge run.  They simply blew out the Hawks in the 2nd half and evened up the series.  Indiana 101, Atlanta 85.

Then, it was the Toronto Raptors and their rabid fan base hosting the Brooklyn Nets.  After the Nets won Game #1, everybody was dismissing the Raptors from the playoffs — saying they were too young, inexperienced, etc… But this game, DeMar DeRozan and the Raptors came to play.  The Nets and their veteran staff was still tough, but the Raptors had the edge and won a close one.  This series is still up in the air, but the Raptors are going to have to take it to another level if they want to beat the Nets in Brooklyn.Raptors 100, Nets 95

Finally, it was the Bulls hosting the Washington Wizards in a must-win game.  The Wizards came out red-hot, getting up to a 12-point lead.  But then, as they typically do, the Wizards collapsed in the 3rd quarter and this game turned into all Chicago.  Everybody was handing them the win, but you can’t count out a hot shooting team like the Wizards.  They caught fire at the very end, doing enough to send the game to overtime.  In OT, it was all Wizards at the beginning, but the Bulls came back.  They were about to tie the game, but Kirk Heinrich missed a free throw to give the Wizards the 2-0 lead heading back to Washington.   Washington 101, Chicago 99.

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