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In the NBA, the Indiana Pacers have been on a serious losing skid lately.  They simply have poor team chemistry, and are looking for a miracle before they enter the playoffs.  Wednesday, they couldn’t take any chances with injury, so they rested all of their starters against the league worst Milwaukee Bucks.  It’s hard to tell if this was the answer, but even the Pacers bench was able to eek out a win against the Bucks.  With the win, the Pacers take the top spot in the East.  But this doesn’t solve the problem of their starting line-up not quite jelling right now.  Indiana 104, Milwaukee 102.

And in college basketball, we have another milestone, as UMass’ Derrick Gordon has come out as a gay player.  This would make him the first openly gay athlete in college basketball.  Gordon took to the Internet to thank his supporters along the journey, including his teammates and openly gay NBA player Jason Collins.  Gordon says that he finally feels free, and doesn’t have to hide it any more.  Seems as if we’ll be seeing many more athletes across a lot of sports feeling free to come out.


Finally, in college football, Alabama loves their now former quarterback A.J. McCarron.  He led them to multiple National Championships and was a hometown hero.  Now, McCarron is headed to the draft where he is expected to be a 3rd or 4th round pick.  For everyone else, not in Alabama, they started getting to know McCarron when we saw his girlfriend Katherine Webb in the stands.  She is beautiful and the cameras love her, so she catapulted to instant fame — even Dancing With The Stars.  A.J. and his now fiancee Katherine Webb are getting their own reality TV show.  This is to be expected, perhaps, but this may hurt AJ’s draft stock.  Teams want their players focused on the game, not on a reality show.  All AJ can hope is that this news doesn’t hurt him, but it sure doesn’t seem like it will help him.

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