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There is pretty much only one person in the world that could draw major media attention for swimming:  Michael Phelps.  After dominating the 2012 Summer Olympics, Phelps went into retirement.  On Monday, however, Phelps announced that he was ending his retirement to swim at a meet in April.  But, what’s on more people’s minds is if he intends to swim at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.  He hasn’t confirmed it yet.  If he does decide to swim, he could potentially be putting his legacy on the line as everyone already thinks he’s the best in the world and possibly the greatest swimmer of all time.


And in the NFL, some interesting news out of St. Louis.  The Rams haven’t exactly been very good the past few seasons, and this has significantly hurt their attendance.  It’s a real shame for a team that used to dominate just over 10 years ago with the “Greatest Show On Turf”.  Now, the Rams are trying to drum support by holding a  $100,000 contest for the fans to try and guess their exact 2014 schedule.  Now keep in mind that this goes way beyond just picking what team the Rams will play in any given week.  You have to guess the team, the location, and the time every week.  That’s pretty much impossible, but if you do it, you get $100,000.

The Arkansas State football team is also working hard to drum support.  They held an auction for their fans to coach a game.  Their annual spring game is coming up, and one fan paid $11,700 for the honor of strolling the sidelines and calling the plays.  Sounds like fun, and certainly a thrill for anyone (especially if you’re doing it everyday, like my son), on Madden 25.

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