In the NBA, LeBron is playing some incredible basketball right now — EVEN THOUGH HE HAS A BROKEN NOSE!!!  Now LeBron is out there wearing a protective mask, but it’s a mask unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  It’s all black, and makes LeBron look like Zorro. LeBron and the Heat took on the Knicks last night, with LeBron behind the mask, and he used whatever superhero fuel he’s getting from the mask to completely obliterate the Knicks.  Miami 108, NY Knicks 82.

Elsewhere in the NBA, it didn’t take long for former all-star Danny Granger to find a new job.  It’s almost as if any player who has any recognition seems to always wind up on the Los Angeles Clippers.  They are stock-piling assets as they make a run to win the loaded Western Conference.  Granger is a bit of a mystery chip, as he could either be fantastic or go down with a season-ending injury at any time (that’s basically his history thus far.).  Having a sharp shooter like Granger , however, if even to play just 10 – 15 minutes a game, is a valuable commodity.


In the NFL, it looks like there is a decent chance that the playoffs might expand to 14 teams as early as 2015.  The NFL playoffs make a ton of money, and draw a staggering amount of viewers.  Everyone loves football, but they love it even more when the game is do-or-die.  So the NFL is thinking… why not add more of those games?  The risk being that even having one more playoff team in each conference could diminish the value of the regular season’s drama.  The NFL is a very well packaged piece of entertainment:  a thrilling regular season, only the best-of-the-best get a playoff spot, and the best 4 teams in the league have to play one fewer game to get into the playoffs.  There is a huge reward for playing well in the regular season.  Having more playoff teams might encourage teams to slouch every now and then.

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