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In college basketball, all the talk before the season was about the Kansas Jayhawks.  They are loaded with talent, however, they have proven to be beatable.  Currently, they’re ranked at #7 in the country, and had to take in their cross state rival Kansas State Wildcats, who would be trying a little extra hard to take down the Jayhawks.  The Wildcats played superbly, but blew a lead in the end of the game to send it to overtime.  In OT, unranked Kansas State turned it on and were able to upset their big brother rivals.  Come tournament time (yes, March Madness is almost here), it wouldn’t hurt to have Kansas getting upset in your brackets.  Everyone wants to beat these guys.  Kansas State 85, Kansas 82.

Elsewhere, in the NBA, everyone is always egging LeBron James to do the dunk contest.  Clearly he’s one of the game’s best dunkers, and it makes sense that he would show his skills on all-star weekend.  Even Kobe Bryant used to do the dunk contest back in the day.  This year, the dunk contest will feature some solid NBA stars, but no LeBron.  However, we got treated to something special yesterday, when a video was posted on dunking skills that LeBron showcased in a Miami Heat practice.  It was truly amazing — you can see it here:

Finally, in some funny news out of the NBA, there has been a lot of complaints about the New Orleans ‘Pelicans mascot.  People describe him, as… “creepy,  a scary looking bird that is the stuff of horror movies”.  The Pelicans organization have decided to change the mascot’s appearance into something a little more lighthearted, but they decided to have some PR fun with it.  They told fans that the mascot is going to have “reconstructive surgery on his beak”.  You can see the “before” pics here:

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