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In the NBA, Steve Nash hasn’t done much in his two year tenure with the Lakers.  He has played in only 60 of 135 games, and the Lakers haven’t even been anything close to a contender.  But Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said that he has absolutely “no regrets” about bringing Nash to town.  Kupchak said at the time, they thought they had a two-year window to go for a championship.  Kobe was healthy, and the Lakers got the big signing of Dwight Howard.  So they thought with Howard, Nash, Kobe, and Pau Gasol, plus some veteran bench presence, they could make a go for it.  Clearly, things turned out differently, and Nash has been battling injuries almost every day.  He’s 40, and might be at the end.  But the Lakers are hopeful that they will still get some value from him — even if it’s a trade for a draft pick.


In hockey, the U.S. team isn’t appearing that strong this year, but they had an excellent comeback showing Thursday versus Slovakia.  The U.S. crushed Slovakia 7 to 1 and looked like a completely different team — one to be reckoned with.  Now they will really get a chance to prove themselves as their next opponent is Russia, who has the biggest celebrity in the Olympics:  Alex Ovechkin (of the Washington Capitals).  The U.S. would love to get the upset.

And finally, in what isn’t exactly sports, but still something that the sporting world looks forward to: the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  For the last two years, Kate Upton has graced the cover, but this year, they decided to pass the torch to….3 girls: Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal, and Lily Aldridge.  You may not have heard of them, but expect them to be on a lot of talk shows in the coming months.

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