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The main event of the night and of the college football world : The Final BCS National Championship between the #1 Florida State Seminoles and #2 Auburn Tigers.  This event was the last championship game before college football switches to a 4-team playoff next year.  Florida State boasted Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston and Auburn has been on a tear, even beating Alabama to be here.

The game started out all Auburn.  Florida State couldn’t get anything going against the Auburn defense, and the Tigers jumped out to a 21-3 lead.  But, in the second half, the Seminoles surged back and scored a touchdown to tie the game pending a 2-point conversion.  But an unfortunate unsportsmanlike conduct call moved them back 15 yards and they had to settle for 1, and still trailed by 1.  Then, Auburn scored and it looked like it was over.  But Florida State ran back a kickoff for a touchdown to take the lead.  So Auburn had to score AGAIN!!!  Wow, just an incredible back and forth, but they left 1 minute on the clock for the Heisman winning quarterback.  He marched them down the field, and hit his star wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the game winning touchdown.  Florida State finish undefeated and won the last BCS Championship.  Florida State 34, Auburn 31.

In the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts have the red hot momentum at just the right time.  Andrew Luck is showing that he has the potential to be a Hall of Fame quarterback, and the receivers are all stepping up despite the fact that veteran receiver Reggie Wayne is out for the season.  They have to play the Patriots this weekend, but they intend to be ready.  So much so, that the Colts have added former long-time Pats receiver Deion Branch.  Clearly, this is a strategic move, as Branch will possibly provide insight into the Patriots game plan, but the Colts are pulling out all the stops to try and grab the road win.

Finally, in some more college football news, Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel’s college career may not be over just yet.  Manziel hasn’t officially declared for the draft, meaning that he is still eligible to play for the Aggies another season.  It appears that the Manziel family wants to talk it over as a unit before Manziel makes such an important life decision.  It’s likely that he will go pro, but perhaps the perks and celebrity and fun of college life might keep him in school.

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