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In the NFL, it was Wild Card playoff weekend.

First up, the Indianapolis Colts hosted the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Colts beat them a few weeks ago, but this was playoff football and anything can happen.  The Chiefs came into Indy with a mission, and they instantly began executing it.  They lost their star running back Jamaal Charles within the first few minutes, but that didn’t stop them from jumping out to a whopping 38-10 lead.  But, in the third quarter, Andrew Luck and the Colts started working miracles, and methodically plowed their way back into the game.  And on the other side, the Chiefs players kept getting hurt.  Then in the final few minutes, Andrew Luck tossed a bomb touchdown to give the Colts the go ahead score.  That’s all they would need, and with that, they pulled off the second biggest comeback in NFL history.  Truly a memorable game to watch!!! The Colts now head to Foxboro to play the Patriots. Indianapolis 45, Kansas City 44.

Next up it was the Eagles hosting the Saints in primetime.  A battle of two shootout offenses.  However, this game was a defensive struggle for most of the first half, with both teams’ offenses struggling to get anything going.  Then, in the second half, the Saints took the lead, but a late touchdown from the Eagles gave Philly the lead.  It looked like whichever team had the ball last would win.  And that honor belonged to the Saints who marched the ball down the field and got a last second game-winning field goal from Shayne Graham.  The Saints will now take on the Seahawks.  New Orleans 26, Philadelphia 24.

And on Sunday, it was the Bengals in their third straight year in the playoffs, hosting the San Diego Chargers.  Everybody had the Bengals penciled in for the win, as they’ve won 8 in a row at home.  But… the Chargers came to play.  Their offense looked sharp, and the Bengals defense looked lackluster.  Plus, the Bengals have failed to win a playoff game since 1990.  Andy Dalton has got them there 3 years in a row, but can’t seem to win.  And Sunday was no different, as he made costly picks and fumbles to give the Chargers what they needed to win the game.  The Bengals suffered an embarrassing defeat in front of their home fans.  The Chargers will play the Broncos next week.  San Diego 27, Cincy 10.

Finally, it was the coldest game in a long time with the Packers hosting the 49ers.  It was literally 5 degrees in Green Bay — so cold that the fans’ beers were freezing.  And with all that cold, of course Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick wore short sleeves and no gloves.  This was a brutal, hard fought grudge match, with the lead constantly changing.  But on the last drive, the Niners made some key plays to put themselves in field goal position.  When the kick went up, a Packers defender actually got to the ball, and the slow motion instant replay shows the ball literally going through his hands.  Tough break for the Packers.  But hey… football is a game of inches.  San Francisco 23, Green Bay 20.

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