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In the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls swung a pretty big trade.  The trade sent big man Andrew Bynum from the Cavs to the Bulls in exchange for Bulls all-star Luol Deng.  Here’s the breakdown:  Basically, they contend that Bynum is worthless.  He costs $20million and he has terrible knees.  He’s not even going to play this season.  So the Cavs made the most of his large contract and sent him to Chicago for an all-star who can help them make the playoffs. Plus, they want to make the playoffs because they’re hoping that will convince their all-star point guard Kyrie Irving to stay in Cleveland.  He needs more help.  Chicago on the other hand is essentially calling it a season with Derrick Rose out, and they immediately waived Bynum, thus clearing up $20million to sign quality players to play along Rose next season.  This one was beneficial for both parties.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the Miami Heat are getting ready for their “Nickname Jersey” game in which every player will have a nickname on their back.  LeBron will be “King James”, Wade will be “D-Wade”, and Ray Allen will be Jesus Shuttlesworth, after the iconic movie character he played in Spike Lee‘s film “He Got Game”.  And, it appears that Ray Allen and Spike Lee have been talking about making a sequel to the film.  Apparently the storyline is really good, and Allen is interested in reprising the role to show the player at the end of his career (the first one showed him as a High School Blue Chip player).  This could be fun if they can get it made.

Finally, in a bad, yet rather funny joke, the restaurant chain Denny’s has poked some fun at Auburn Tigers fans.  The Tigers fell in dramatic fashion to the Florida State Seminoles on Monday night in Pasadena, CA, and thus many of the fans will head back via car.  Denny’s put out a photo on Twitter showing all the possible Denny’s stops from Pasadena back to Auburn University where  they could cheer up with some food.  Here is the photo:

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