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In college football, it was the annual Heisman Trophy ceremony on Saturday night.  This year’s finalists boasted 4 quarterbacks and 2 running backs, but the main competition was between Florida State’s QB Jameis Winston and Heisman defending champion Johnny Manziel of Texas A & M.  Some people thought that Manziel had a shot to win it because he played a much tougher schedule in the SEC than Winston did in the ACC.  However, when the envelope was opened, the winner of this year’s Heisman Trophy is Jameis Winston.  That’s two years in a row where a freshman has won the coveted prize.  Winston is preparing to take on Auburn in the National Championship, while Manziel will head to the NFL next season.

In the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs were hoping to clinch a playoff spot taking on the Oakland Raiders.  The Chiefs wanted to take advantage of this game, especially considering that their division rivals, the Denver Broncos, are slipping up right now.  The Chiefs can thank Jamaal Charles, because he had a monster game with 4 receiving touchdowns and one rushing touchdowns.  And four of those came in the first half.  The Raiders made a comeback bid, but it wasn’t enough and the Chiefs grabbed the win and a playoff birth.  Kansas City 56, Oakland 31.

And in Dallas, the Cowboys were looking to rebound from an embarrassing Monday Night Football loss to the Bears last week.  Their offense looked fantastic in the first half, with the Cowboys leading 26-3.  It looked like they had it locked up.  But, in the second half, the Packers came storming back, almost scoring at will.  The Cowboys were on the defensive just trying to hang on.  But, in the last 2 minutes, Cowboys QB Tony Romo threw 2 interceptions that the Packers converted into points, including a touchdown from running back Eddie Lacy that gave the Packers the lead.  They would hold on to win the game and keep their playoff hopes alive.  Plus, if the Packers somehow snuck in the playoffs, they would likely play with a healthy Aaron Rodgers, and that makes them just as dangerous as any team.  Green Bay 37, Dallas 36.