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In college football, it was a weekend that helped determine the National Championship picture.  After a miracle win against Alabama, Auburn had hope of actually playing in the BCS Championship.  They just had to get past Missouri in the SEC Championship.  It was a shootout, but the Tigers prevailed.  It wasn’t over though as they needed undefeated Ohio State to lose to Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship.  That was a grueling game, but the Michigan State Spartans hung in there and pulled out the amazing upset win.  Michigan State will now take on Stanford in the Rose Bowl.  With the Auburn win, it sets up a National Championship Game between #1 Florida State, and #2 Auburn.  It should be a great game, but it’s going to be hard to defeat the undefeated Florida State Seminoles.  Auburn 59, Missouri 42.  Michigan State 34, Ohio State 24.

In the NFL, the New England Patriots had a chance to take a step forward and grab the #1 seed and possibly getting home field advantage in the playoffs.  Everyone had them penciled in for a win against the Cleveland Browns.  But, people failed to take into account that the Browns have a sneaky good defense.  They gave the Patriots fits all game, and were up by 26-14 with just 2:39 to play.  Then again, the Pats are the Pats, and they have Tom Brady.  Brady got a quick touchdown score to pull it to 26-21, and then the Patriots recovered an onside kick. Brady went long for the end zone, and the Pats got a pass interference call in their favor, and got it on the one yard line.  After that, it was an easy touchdown pass, and they pulled off the miracle victory.  New England 27, Cleveland 26.

And in Baltimore, with the snow piled high, the Vikings and Ravens gave us one of the most entertaining 4th quarters in years.  It was 12-7 Vikings for most of the 4th quarter, but with just 1:39 left, the Ravens got the go ahead touchdown pass from Joe Flacco.  15-12 Ravens (they got the 2-point conversion).  Then, the Vikings, with just 1:39 left got a 41-yard touchdown run from Toby Gerhart.  19-15 Vikings.  But, on the kickoff, Dancing With the Stars contestant Jacoby Jones ran back a kick off return for a touchdown.  22-19 Ravens.  Over right?  Nope, with just 45 seconds left, Matt Cassel hit Cordarrelle Patterson for a 79-yard touchdown pass.  26-22 Vikings.  Over right?  Not yet.  The Ravens marched down the field, and with just 4 seconds left, Joe Flacco hit Marlon Brown for a touchdown.  Now… it was over.  Wow!!   Baltimore 29, Minnesota 26.

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