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In the NBA, the Heat were hoping to close out the Bulls in Miami.  Sure, they have 3 games to do it, but you never know in the playoffs.  For example, LeBron could have a knee injury (like Russell Westbrook) and be out for the playoffs.  So when you have a chance to close out a team, you do it. The Bulls wouldn’t go quietly however.  They put up a huge fight, and even lead by as many as 13 in the 3rd quarter.  But when LeBron, Wade, and Bosh want to turn it on, they seem to be able to do so at will.   They bulldozed their way back into the game, and in the blink of an eye, the Heat had the lead.  The Bulls had one last chance to tie the game at the end, but couldn’t hit the 3-pointer they needed.  The Heat hold on to beat the Bulls and close out the series.  They will take on the winner of the Knicks/Pacers series.  Miami 94, Chicago 91.

In women’s basketball, it’s unanimous that Brittney Griner is one of the best female basketball players of all time.  She will likely have a fantastic WNBA career with the Phoenix Mercury.  However, a basketball legend wanted to help her take her game to the next level. On a private court, Kareem taught Griner how to shoot his patented sky hook.  Kareem’s sky hook was all the rage in the late 70s and 80s, as it was an undefendable shot.  No center in basketball has really used it at such a high level, but Griner has the height and ability to do it.  She could be a lethal player of historic proportions.


In the NFL, the Jets quarterback situation just got a little thinner.  Recently, the Jets brought in veteran David Garrard.  Garrard had his glory days with the Jaguars, but had been relegated to back-up duties the past few seasons.  The Jets gave him a chance, but Garrard’s knee issues have kept him sidelined in Jets practices.  So, after a successful career where he muscled his way to be the long-time starter in Jacksonville, even leading the Jaguars to the playoffs a few times, David Garrard has decided to call it quits.  There is a chance we see him in the broadcast booth sometime soon.

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