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In the NBA, we got our first look at the other two semi-final playoff games.  First up, it was this season’s MVP LeBron James hosting the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls are red-hot right now, and playing just fine without their superstar Derrick Rose.  However, they’re also in sync without one of their other all stars Luol Deng.  The Heat have been off for a week after beating the Bucks, and they were definitely rusty coming into this game.  LeBron had a 24-point game, but the Bulls played solid defense and seemed to have the Heat’s number.  Remember, this is the team that ended the Heat’s 27-game winning streak.  We kept waiting for LeBron to pull it out in the end, but it was the Bulls that were triumphant in Game 1.  Oh, and the Bulls’ Nate Robinson is playing some of the most exciting basketball of the season.  Chicago 93, Miami 86.
Next up, it was the San Antonio Spurs hosting the scorching hot Stephan Curry and the Golden State Warriors.  This game was the epitome of old school vs. new school.  The Spurs are the old guard full of savvy veterans, and the Warriors are full of sharp shooters and the future of the NBA.  The Warriors had command for most of the game, but the Spurs were relentless and had one of the best comebacks in post-season history.  They came back from a 16-point deficit to force a double overtime.  And in the end, Manu Ginobili found himself wide open and sunk it for the win.  Mark Jackson said that the Warriors broke down on defense, but he should be happy about just how hard the Warriors played the Spurs.  This series is going to be a doozy of a good time.  San Antonio 129, Golden State 127.

And now that the Brooklyn Nets have been eliminated from the playoffs, they are already making coaching changes.  They  immediately released interim coach P.J. Carlesimo from his duites.  P.J. said he wasn’t shocked by the move, saying the only thing that could have saved his job was winning an NBA Championship.  According to reports, the Nets have already reached out to Phil Jackson to fill the head coaching job.  The Nets are actually a good candidate for Jackson’s services.  They have a solid foundation of stars (Williams, Wallace, Johnson, and Lopez) and their young talent is only getting better.  With the right leadership, this team could turn into a serious contender next year.  Jackson should consider this one.

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